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Family Law

We know how important family is, and how crucial it is to have someone ready and willing to fight for yours.

When family law matters get difficult, you will need someone at your side who knows exactly what they are doing. Matt Courteau won’t just prepare and present your case with passion and professionalism, he will also tackle it with care and empathy.

We are always ready to help you with any family law case or crisis:

  • Laying solid foundations for your family with adoption or prenuptial agreements,
  • Dealing with divorce, whether contested or uncontested,
  • Navigating paternity issues, child support, child visitation, or child custody cases,
  • Emerging areas of family law like domestic partnerships or cohabitation.

Our mission is to put you and your family’s future first, by getting back what matters most to you and giving you the security and stability to move forward and enjoy your new life.

Do You Need A Family Law Firm If You Are Going Through An Uncontested Divorce?

No matter how smoothly your divorce seems to be going, it is a pivotal moment in your family’s life. Mistakes can be made, on the legal or practical side, which can very quickly undermine the emotional side, having a meticulous and rigorous lawyer on your side can help avoid any problems now, or years down the line.

Even the most amicable of divorces is a life-altering process, and it is important to ensure that the changes go as smoothly and as favorably as possible. That is where a strong family lawyer comes into play, to help you plan out your divorce, structure child support, and win your custody battles.

Additionally, while we always hope for an uncontested divorce and have helped many families navigate the financial and practical requirements for such separations, we know just as well how to handle contested cases. This means that should your divorce start to get contentious, we’ll be ready to support you – no matter what happens along the way.

A Family Law Matters Attorney Where It Matters Most: Close To Home

Every family is unique, and each family law case requires a personally tailored approach by an experienced and caring attorney. Better still, with Matt Courteau, you can rest assured that your future, and your family’s, is being protected by a local East Tennessee law firm.

Having grown up a stone’s throw from Kingston and attended Roane High School, Matt returned after graduating from the University Of Georgia School of Law, to fight for the rights of folks close to home.

Call Matt Courteau Family Attorney At Law For A Family Law Consultation Today

If you are not sure whether you need a family law firm’s help, or do not know how a family lawyer can help you, do not let uncertainty be the cause of inaction. Matt Courteau offers a consultation over the phone, to help figure out if and how he can help you and your family through this difficult period.

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