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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Whenever you face criminal charges, from minor DUI misdemeanors to a felony murder charge, your future is always at stake. You deserve a criminal justice attorney who is ready to go on the offense to ensure the best possible defense for you.

Our mission is to put your future first, by obtaining, wherever possible, a clean criminal record and avoiding jail time so you can get back to what matters: living your life.

Do I Need A Criminal Justice Attorney?

The law is vast and complicated and the consequences of a single misstep, misdemeanor, crime, or unjust accusation can be devastating. A criminal charge on your record can follow you throughout your life, and jail time can disrupt work, families, and the very fabric and trajectory of your life.

Do not face the weight of the criminal justice system alone. Even a minor charge can have major consequences, and the more serious the charge, the more urgent it is to have legal representation you can count on.

That is why you need a criminal defense attorney, like Matt Courteau, who is ready to fight for your case.

What Kinds Of Criminal Cases Are We Ready To Handle?

Defense is one of our core specialties and we believe everyone has a right to the very best representation in court. We have and are ready to defend anyone facing any charge, including but not limited to

  • DUI cases and other driving misdemeanors or felonies,
  • Drug possession or distribution charges,
  • Theft, burglary, assault, or property damage cases,
  • Murder and sexual assault charges

We handle each case individually, with care, precision, and professionalism. Everyone, no matter the crime they are accused of, is welcome to a consultation to see how best we can defend you and to discuss the next steps and our strategy moving forward.

An East Tennessee Criminal Defense Law Firm That Has Your Back

An East Tennessee native with deep connections to the communities and individuals he helps defend, Matt Courteau will fight to carry each case over the finish line. As your criminal defense lawyer, Matt Courteau will stand up for your rights, your life, and your side of the story.

Having grown up in East Tennessee and graduated from Roane High School before going to college and then the rigorous University of Georgia School of Law. Now with a practice close to his heart, and home, near Kingston, TN, Matt is ready to come to your defense.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Local Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorney?

Defense attorneys from a big office or the criminal defenders provided by pro-bono lawyers, federal or CJA defense services are often overworked and have to balance dozens if not hundreds of cases from different jurisdictions.

Don’t dilute your chances, when so much is at stake.

Hiring a local expert not only ensures a stronger and more focused defense but also places your fate in the hands of someone who cares.

Call Matt Courteau Attorney At Law For Your A Criminal Lawyer Consultation

Each client and case is important because we know there is a life and future at stake, yours. Because of that, Matt is more than happy to take your call for a consultation to see if and how he can help you with your criminal defense case.

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